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FreshWall - A fresh wallpaper every unlock!

FreshWall provides you with a new wallpaper every time you unlock your device. You can choose from a variety of providers including (but not limited to): Microsoft, Unsplash, Flickr, and Desktoppr. Each time you lock your device, an image will be pulled at random from the selected provider and set as your wallpaper, giving your device a fresh feel every time!

FreshWall also gives you the ability to select a gallery of your own images to randomly display each unlock!

Wallpapers can be set to either:

For those of you who are conscious of your mobile data usage with FreshWall, there is even an option to disable it whilst on cellular data. So you can enjoy FreshWall only when you are on a Wi-Fi network.

Known Issues

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What's New?

Latest Version: 0.0.30~Beta8

Your device is not compatible!


Note: You will be able to download a package without purchasing. However, the package must be activated from the settings pane after purchase.
Minimum iOS Version: 9.0
Maximum iOS Version: 13.7