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Juice - Unparalleled Battery Customisation

Juice provides users and designers a like the ability to customise every aspect of the iOS battery. Including adding extra icons to the status bar.

Juice includes a fully fledged editor with a massive amount of options creating almost infinite possibilities and aims to place no limitations on the designer.

Juice styles are saved in a simple ".juice" format and can copied between devices or packaged into a deb to be shared with anyone!

Juice styles can be created in two ways: standard, or key frames. Key frames consist of a set of Juice shapes that change over the course of your battery percentage. Standard shapes can be set to change colour with percentage/charge/LPM, apply masks based on percentage, and many more visual indications of the battery status.

Juice styles can also be created as simply as adding a sequence of images as key frames, much like classic battery themes (e.g. for Alkaline).

Juice also offers the ability to install and convert classic "Alkaline" themes.

Known Issues


Tweak Development: SparkDev

Logo Design and creator of some of the included default styles: Revulate


What's New?

Latest Version: 1.0.6

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Note: You will be able to download a package without purchasing. However, the package must be activated from the settings pane after purchase.
Minimum iOS Version: 12.0
Maximum iOS Version: 14.4