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Juice Lite

Juice Lite - Unparalleled Battery Customisation (Free Version)

Juice Lite provides a very limited version of features from the full version of Juice. To have the full experience including full control over customising your batteries, usage of third party styles, ability to add extra items to your status bar, and much much more - buy Juice today! Click here to buy Juice

Juice Lite features 3 styles: Battery Percent X, Battery X, and Stock With Percent

The full version of Juice has the following features:

Juice provides users and designers a like the ability to customise every aspect of the iOS battery. Including adding extra icons to the status bar.

Juice includes a fully fledged editor with a massive amount of options creating almost infinite possibilities and aims to place no limitations on the designer.

Juice styles are saved in a simple ".juice" format and can copied between devices or packaged into a deb to be shared with anyone!

Juice styles can be created in two ways: standard, or key frames. Key frames consist of a set of Juice shapes that change over the course of your battery percentage. Standard shapes can be set to change colour with percentage/charge/LPM, apply masks based on percentage, and many more visual indications of the battery status.

Juice styles can also be created as simply as adding a sequence of images as key frames, much like classic battery themes (e.g. for Alkaline).

Juice also offers the ability to install and convert classic "Alkaline" themes.

Known Issues


Tweak Development: SparkDev

Logo Design and creator of some of the included default styles: Revulate


What's New?

Latest Version: 1.0.2

Initial Release

Your device is not compatible!


Minimum iOS Version: 12.0
Maximum iOS Version: 14.3