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Myriad Beta

Welcome, to the Myriad Beta.

Myriad is the most powerful multitasking tweak. Offering infinite window mode, making the iPad Pro a beastly workstation, and SplitView mode, giving your iPhone the freedom it should have had before. Myriad offers a wide variety of settings and features including:

General Usage Instructions:

  1. In the app switcher, half swipe up a card to launch it into Myriad
  2. When in 'SplitView' mode - force touching or long pressing on the middle bar will invoke the app selectors
  3. Tapping on the middle bar will allow you to pop out apps from splitview into windows

Known Issues (Beta 2)

  1. Tapping on an app with 'Direct Launch' enabled may be slightly delayed before launching the app
  2. Keyboard is buggy in windowed mode when in landscape
  3. iOS 12 support may need to be revisited (iOS 12 is untested on beta 2, iOS 12 users will need to downgrade for now).
  4. Certain applications may be problematic, you can try to change scaling mode for these apps from preferences. Please report them on the bug tracker and I can try and add specific support for them

Bug tracking:


What's New?

Latest Version: 0.5.0~Beta3

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Minimum iOS Version: 11.0
Maximum iOS Version: 14.3